August 22, 2019
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Hoff: The Berks County Landscape…Welcome.

Every town, state and county has its own rich history and geographical makeup that helps define its place on the map.

Berks County is no different. Here at berksic.com, we plan to show how high school sports helps to define a county which stretches around 500 miles. The 20 schools of the BCIAA have diverse backgrounds which range from city life in Reading to the small town blue collar feel of Birdsboro and Hamburg. One of the best aspects of high school sports is piling on the bus and heading on the road to take on an opponent on their own turf and beat them in front of their fans. In turn, this shows the league just how good that team is. Playing in the BCIAA gives these teams a chance to throw the headphones on and travel over an hour away to show other parts of the state how their town expects to be represented on the field of competition.

The best of Berks high school sports are the communities that surround each school take such pride in their student athletes. Every stadium, gymnasium, and grandstands are packed all the way from Exeter right off of 422 to Pottsville in the coal mining region. This particular county, which has seen its population climb close to half a million and those citizens, will always love one thing: high school sports. From our heavy coverage of every sport in the BICAA, fans will see the amount of residents pile into their cars to see Mifflin take on Wilson on a fall Friday night or head over to Twin Valley to watch the state ranked Saints of Berks Catholic for a baseball game in early January.

A reminder for our Berks county athletes: Every time a uniform is put on, remember a region of one of Pennsylvania’s most historic counties is represented.

About Dan Hoff

Dan Hoff is a graduate of Saint Pius X and West Chester University. Dan also runs the Tri County Basketball League and coaches boys basketball and lacrosse at the high school level.