August 23, 2019
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BIC Sports Pick-Um

Best Football Stadium

Justin: Exeter
“It’s tough to keep Don Thomas Stadium off the top of this list. With its updated facilities and artificial turf field, the stadium is perfect to watch the Berks Football League on a Friday night.”
Dan: Pottsville
“I had no choice but to go with Veterans Memorial Stadium. The stadium’s grandstands stretch from one 10-yard line to the other and the historic feeling a fan receives walking onto the field explains it all. Pottsville is definitely a tough place to play.”
Jeff: Hamburg
“Not many fans are aware of Hawks stadium unless they take the journey up Route 61 to catch a game. The stadium is a modern gem in terms of high school stadiums in the county. Plenty of room for fan interaction with elevated seating that enables spectators to catch the entire game without missing a play. The stadium is wide enough to host a Division III game.”

Best Gymnasium

Justin: Wilson
“The home of the bulldogs has up-to-date facilities and gives the fans a chance to over look the entire gym from a second level entrance. It’s a unique view of basketball in Berks County.”
Dan: Reading High
“There is a reason why the Geigle Complex continues to host district and state playoff games. From the awesome stadium style seating to rich history hanging in the rafters, I had to pick Reading.”
Jeff: Sovereign Center
“I can’t go with a school’s gymnasium on this one. There is no greater atmosphere of boys and girls basketball in Berks County than witnessing 7,000+ fans cheer on their team in the BCIAA championship game. Witnessing those teams hoist the championship trophy is just an amazing sight.”

Best Nickname

Justin: Oley Valley
“The unique name says it all: Lynx. More high school teams should try and be more creative when thinking of its school mascot!”
Dan: Berks Catholic
“This is a tough one but I had to go with the Saints. Simply because they took two separate schools/ communities and made this name work.”
Jeff: Pottsville
“There is just something about the Crimson Tide that fits with the history of Pottsville football. Crimson Tide means “varsity” and relishes the name of football teams that began play in the 1800s. In a perfect world, I wish Pottsville would change their name to the Maroons (after the defunct NFL franchise), but why mess with tradition?”

Best Band

Justin: Pottsville
“I’m giving the nod to Pottsville. I’ve heard about the amazing bands each school puts out there, which makes me excited to cover Berks football. I just really enjoy the pregame performance of the Crimson Tide band because it rallies the crowd and sets the tone for a great football game.”
Dan: Exeter
“Exeter’s band is well organized and play into the crowd better than any other band in the league.”
Jeff: Daniel Boone
“When I played in the Berks Football League, the Blazers marching corps always pumped me up when I was on the defensive side of the ball, especially when they outperformed Exeter’s unit.”

Best School Colors

Justin: Gov. Mifflin
“The Mustangs are my choice. I like the combination of the maroon and gold.”
Dan: Berks Catholic
“I don’t think you can get a better combination then black and gold.”
Jeff: Schuylkill Valley
“The black, red and white combo trump all in Berks County. The Panthers football/ basketball home and road uniforms are the best in the BCIAA. Schuylkill Valley looks good year round.”

Best Student Section

Justin: Exeter
“The Blue Crew would have to be my top choice. They make Reiffton a tough place to play for their league opponents.”
Dan: Berks Catholic
“The Saints have to take this one. The Central Catholic and Holy Name combination have formed a strong bond and kept visiting teams from feeling comfortable on the road.”
Jeff: Conrad Weiser
“The Scouts student fan base is the most passionate in Berks County. They know how to fire up their team during a basketball game and upset the opponent’s cheering section in the process.”

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