August 22, 2019
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Allen: Should the Berks Football League have a Championship Game?

The debate amongst fans and locals of Berks County has been going on for some time now. BIC Sports would like to open the discussion on whether or not a championship game, played between the winners of Section 1 and Section 2 of the Berks Football league, would be an appropriate way to end the season.

I would like to see it happen. After Wyomissing won the state championship last season, my opinion on this matter changed. Sure, the Spartans ran through all the small schools on their way to the AA title, but how would they have fared playing against Governor Mifflin in a league title game? We’ll never really know.

I’m not challenging the system of the divisions, but would just simply like to know who the best team is in Berks County. Until there is a championship game, the debate will be ongoing.

I have no doubt that the winner of Section 2 could almost always contend for a Berks Football League championship, but if there is no championship game the Section 2 schools will continue to be viewed through the same eyes as the smaller schools in the NCAA (i.e. Boise State). It’s time we give it a chance.

I understand the negatives of the game. Adding another game to the already brutal schedule could lead to injuries along with other issues.

As for scheduling purposes, how could you possibly fit this game into the season given that the teams that win both divisions are likely going to be playing in the district playoffs the following week? How would you decide who the home team was going to be? Would there be a neutral site? If so how neutral would it really be?

I would like to offer the following compromise. Each team’s divisional play is shortened by one game in an effort to make time in the schedule for such a game. The game would be played the final week of the regular season at Albright’s Shirk Stadium or Wilson’s John Gurski Stadium.

Of course this is all purely speculation.

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Justin Allen is a 23 year old native of Pottstown, PA. Justin is a die hard Philadelphia sports fan. Justin has also written, recorded, and performed music for the last 10+ years.